Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dirt Bikes in Heaven

Ok, so as I sit here spending time with my family, I am working on this music player thing, which by the way is super cool! While doing this my boys (Jason included) are watching dirt bike something or other on TV (I think it is extreme motorcross). Now let me tell you for those of you that don't know my husband, he is a speed junkie. And I am not talking drugs! He lives to ride his motorcycle (at speeds unknown to the rest of us). My boys are getting this same urge, to ride 4 wheelers and dirt bikes, and anything else that they can get crazy and wild on.

Anyway, while they are watching this TV show, the guys on these dirtbikes on doing crazy and I mean CRAZY jumps and things over huge dunes, hills, cliffs, mountains, whatever. Dalton and Jason have decided that he is going to do this when he gets bigger, and ofcourse, Carson pipes in "me too!" And than they say "look Mom, look-isn't that cool"? I am still trying to catch my breath! Needless to say, I am scared to death of what they are really going to do when they get older, but as I sit here, all I know is that as long as they do it for The Lord, that I will support them. All I want for them, is to bring God glory through the way they live their life.

I know that they belong to God first, before they really belong to me. I know that He is in control. I know that whatever He has planned for them, is to glorify His kingdom. I know that where ever that journey takes them, I will be praying for them. I know that one day we will all ride dirt bikes together in heaven (cause I don't do 2 wheels on Earth). I know that I am a daughter of Christ, and that He loves me more than I could ever love my own children. I know that God gave His son to die for me and my sins. I know that no matter what, He will never leave me nor forsake me. Never...ever...never...ever...never...ever.. WOW! That is a really long time! You bet it is! Eternity Baby!

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Ryndi said...

This post was such a blessing for me this morning! Thank you for sharing it.