Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fan or Disciple?

Ok, so the last post was about modeling, and as I said...apparently God is trying to teach me something. It has really been on my heart a lot lately that I need to be living my life as an example of following God every minute of every day. Now, while this may sound simple...WOW it is not! Now while I write this, I feel prompted to state that it is not simple being a Christian. It is a daily struggle and commitment to choose God's way not the easy way. But, in the end it is sooooo going to be worth it when I am dancing in the streets of gold singing with my beautiful voice right next to Jesus himself! :)

Well, this morning was a test in itself to say the least. We are all just hanging out being silly on Sunday morning before getting ready for church. Jason was just beginning to make pancakes, I was making fresh fruit into a syrup topping for the pancakes, when all of a sudden, our electricity went out! And then it came back on! And then it went off again! For like an hour! UUUGGGHHH! Now let me just state that if you were looking through my kitchen window, or listening outside my house for the next 10 minutes, it was not pretty! The kids were running crazy, apparently Carson had gotten ahold of a blue permanent marker, and wrote on the floor, the wall, his brother (which of course Dalton had no control over-hmmmmm?). And, they were completely flipping out about not being able to turn on the bathroom lights to clean the lovely blue ink off of their faces and hands!

In addition, electric skillets with partially cooked pancakes, do not work. Gas stoves apparently light with an electric lighter...good thing Jason is smarter than the stove and used a lighter! So as he is cooking pancakes, the kids are running crazy, I am trying to make the fruit stuff, and stressing about how I am going to take a shower in the dark, what about my hair (which by the way was on day 3 and had to be washed-there was no getting past that!). And again, the kids were still running crazy, I am trying to call the electric company, with no luck by the way! Did you know that it is very hard to try and complete a voice activated phone call with a million crazy things and noises going on in the background? AAAGGGHH!

So at this point, Jason and I are fighting, I am yelling at the kids, he is telling me to just go get in the shower, cause my hair is going to have to air dry, I am running in circles trying to figure out what to do next. Which by the way was actually pretty comical I am sure if you were on the outside looking in-maybe we should do a reality show? Maybe not. So, we ate our pancakes-which were really yummy! I decided to relinquish control, and grabbed some candles and took a shower. As I was getting ready, I did everything I could do without power-and voila! the power came on just in time to dry my hair! And yes, I vocally thanked and praised God out loud! I was really beginning to wonder what people would think if I wore a hat to church! (I know pretty vain, but what can I say-I am human!)

So, life went on, and we were able to get to church on time! Now the minute I walked in those school doors, I was completely and totally convicted! I did already apologize to my family and ask for forgiveness at breakfast, but let me say that this morning was truly an eye opener that I needed to stop, breathe, and realize what I am about to do or say at every moment. God was speaking to me in the first 2 worship songs, that I have not been being the model and example He is calling me to be. Ouch! Ok, so I promised Him this morning, that I would do better, I would try harder from now on.

And let me say, that the service at The Exchange this morning, was AMAZING it was so obvious that it was God led, and that the Holy Spirit was moving. My make-up that I put on in the car, was gone! Joel's sermon was about being a fan of Jesus, or a disciple- a fan is someone who sits on the sidelines, and cheers and follows along. A disciple is someone who gets involved, and lives their life for Jesus! By the way, in case you didn't know-Jesus doesn't need any fans. If you get the chance, check out the pod cast on the website when they get it put up!

Now, today was baptism day and they had 17 people come up for baptism! A few were friends of ours from our Life House (small group), which is just awesome when you know the person, and their background story. I was in tears practically the whole service! There was a 74 year old man that went up to get baptized, and when he stood in front of everyone he said "I have been waiting my whole life for Jesus Christ" WOW! People were cheering, I think the entire church was on the feet for that! I am tearing up again! By the way, nothing is impossible with God! Please be in prayer for this man, I cannot think of his name at the moment, but I found out tonight, that his wife died a few years back, and his son committed suicide this past year. I cannot imagine losing anyone, especially without God by my side, but all I can think is He is beside him now! Praise Jesus!

Ok, so back on the being an example thing...tonight at Life House we went more in depth on being disciples, and being what else...examples in our daily life! So, things are going good, we pick up the boys, head home, and the minute we open the door-I am hit by this smell. Hmmmmmm? What is that? It smells like rotten food? Or maybe like the dog pooped or something? It was not or was definitely the dog-ohhhhh that dog! Now, he is inside because his collar that goes with our underground electric fence (that we have to have or he digs out and into the neighbors yard) is broke. I personally think that he somehow disabled it! But, we have to buy a new one-UUGGHHH! Anyway, I see the poop, and that is it! I lose it! Stressed out, tired, etc. Needless to say I was not being a good example, AGAIN! So, once again, I apologize to my husband and to God (the kids were safe this time). And again, I am telling God that I will try harder next time! So, as I get ready for bed, I am arming myself with His words to prepare myself for tomorrow!

And, I desperately want to be a disciple! I want to live my life for Jesus! And I want my life and my fruits to show it!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13

Pretty much, all of Chapter 4 in Philippians is going to be my theme for the week! Pray for me as I work on this!

*Side note* Please also be in prayer for my friend Kim, who is having some tests and trials of her own. Please pray that God's will be done, and that He be with her through those. I love you my friend!
*PS* "My friend Kim rocks!" LOL

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Ryndi said...

I just love your heart, Amber! And I am so thankful for your honesty because it totally helps me, too! I know others who will benefit from you being at The Exchange but I am convinced that God had my family in mind when he brought you to The Exchange!