Friday, November 14, 2008

If you saw me out and about, what would you think of me?

There's just so much on my chest right now, that I don't know where to start. I have a couple of funny stories about the boys and things they say, but I will post those later. Right now something that has really been on my heart is modeling. No, not the Cindy Crawford kind of modeling, but modeling as in living by example.

The other day, I felt led that one thing I wanted to focus on in my next Wed group (I really think it needs a name by the way), was to talk about how to model being a good Christian. I always think of modeling, as how we are an example to our children, but I started thinking what kind of an example for our glorious Savior am I being to the outside world we live in? I know that people would know that I am a Christian, and that I love Jesus, but would they know how to follow the Lord by my examples?

One thing I have been really convicted of, is the way I teasingly talk about disciplining our children. I sometimes jokingly use the word beat (which this is definitely not our form of discipline). Yes I spank, yes there are other consequences, but I have realized that I use this word around people that don't really know me, and don't know that I am totally kidding. So I felt like God was telling me that for those people around me that know I am a Christian, and know I try to do everything I do for the Lord, that they might hear me say that, and think that it was ok to "beat" their child. So please let me say again, for those that do not know me very well, this is not ok, it is not ok to physically abuse a child, it is not ok to spank out of anger, and it is not ok to use the word beat when speaking about our children! If you have been around me, and have heard me use this term please accept my apologies, and help me in the future by keeping me accountable if you hear me say this again!

Something else God has put on my heart in the modeling category, is how I act and react every where. Some of these that stand out are in my front yard, in my back yard, driving in my car, on the phone with sales people or bill collectors (this one is a hard one). I am making a commitment today, that I am going to try to model for my children, and for myself, trying to be Christ-like. Am I going to make mistakes? Umm....Yeah! Am I going to continue to be an example for others who want to love and know Jesus as I want to love and know Jesus? Umm...Absolutely! So, if you see me and I am not being a good model, please let me know! (in a loving Christ-like way ofcourse!)

How am I supposed to model for my children? One thing that stands out right now, is the way I treat my husband. I want for my sons to grow up to meet a woman that has a true heart and desire for The Lord. (I am praying for her already) But, if they are not seeing me be the wife that God has called me to be, then how would they know what to look for in a future girlfriend? Because I know right now, that if either of my boys came home with a girl that had the attitude that I sometimes give Jason (sorry honey), I would not be happy about that at all! I want to model for them the loving, respectful, submissive, woman that Christ asks me to be. Is this a daily struggle? Um...Yes! Am I willing to accept the challenge! Absolutely!

My challenge to my blogger friends, is this...what part of modeling for the outside world do you feel convicted about? There are so many others for me, but I really want to start with these first, since mother and wife seem to kinda be the meat and potatoes of it all! I guess that brings me around to the title of this post, and my new daily reminder saying for myself...If you saw me out and about, what would you think of me? Would you think I was some spastic stressed out mom running crazy, or would you think I was a woman full of joy and love for The Lord? I know which one I would say if I saw me lately, but I really want to try to be the other one!

Anyway, I am serious about holding me accountable! I don't care if you barely know me, or if you are a dear friend for years-please let me know if I slip up! I promise not to choke you for too long! :)

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