Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Change is Good

Right? While change might be good, it is definitely not easy. We have recently been led to leave our current church First Baptist Colleyville. Which, is a very hard decision, after being there for 7 years. Especially since our life together has pretty much been there! I was baptized there, we were married there, both of our boys were dedicated get the picture.

But, God wants us elsewhere. Do we know why? No. Are we estatic to leave? No. Are we willing to take a giant step of faith and obeying God? Yes. Do we fully trust Him? Yes! Are we scared of the unknown? Definitely!!!

After receiving tons of flyers for different churches in our area, we have felt led to a new church called The Exchange. We know absolutely nobody! Well, we know 2 people, (barely). It is amazing that after praying, listening, and following God's word, that looking back we can see His steps and some of the reasons falling into place. God is sooooo Amazing!

I went to a women's retreat this past weekend, and WOW! God's word and direction was so evident. Not only did He make His voice heard, He helped me to know that it is ok to leave, it is ok to be sad, it is ok to be afraid. But, no matter what He will always be with me, He will never leave me. WOW!

PS, my mom came with me to the retreat, and we had a blast!
My Mom and my friend Amy


Cassie said...

I am praying for you guys... we went through the same fears and emotions when God called us to serve in Oklahoma. Leaving was so hard. But God's will is perfect and precise. The Exchange is amazing... doesn't Jeff Black still lead worship there? I think I am thinking of the right church. Anyways, you will be blessed many times over for following God's prompting. Miss yall!

Kristin Cook said...

I'm sad :(
but also encouraged by your obedience.
Love your haircut by the way!!!