Monday, October 6, 2008

Please Pray

I am so confused. I am listening and obeying God. And most importantly, I am being still (or silent). But, now that I am where I feel God truly wants us, I really, really miss my home. And when I say home, I mean our church. My church, where things were comfortable, where I was totally fine and content. My church, where life started over for me...My church where my husband and I were not only married, but recommitted our lives over to Christ when we realized how without Him we really were! My church, where my boys have gone all their life. My church where all my friends are, friends that have been there for me, friends that have helped me, guided and taught me to be a better wife, mother, daughter of Christ, and friend to others. And while I write this, God keeps whispering "Not your church, but My Church". Ouch!

I only write this today, to ask you to pray for me. Pray that I am not selfish. Pray that I continue to listen and obey God, and not my flesh. Pray that God will change my flesh. Because right now, I just want to go home!

Pray for all those that their lives have been touched at the new church we are attending. Their are a bunch of people there that have never even been introduced to Christ before, so this church is truly God led. And while I love The Exchange, and I know this is where God wants us, I am having a really hard time today. Did I mention that I am writing this through a flood of tears?

Speaking of floods, God has been flooding us with things on marriage. You know how God gives you what you need when you need it? Well, that is definitely the case. Funny how we can hear God, agree, and even commit to obey, and then mess up royally! That is what I seem to keep doing. Good intentions all the way, but then when it comes time to actually use what I have learned...All out the window....AAAAGGGGHHH!

So please, continue to keep us in your prayers as we take on stripping our selfish desires, and deny our flesh daily. I have just started realizing what that means by the way!

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