Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Life is difficult and complicated when you are as emotionally sensitive as I am. (I am sure that it is especially hard for my friends too). I am constantly second guessing myself and the actions of those around me. While I do not feel that it is "all about me", I can not help but think that everyone is talking about me behind my back, and that people do not really like me as much as they pretend to. I know, this is the dumbest thing ever!

I am under serious attack the past couple of days, I am starting to feel that this is going to be how every Mon and Tues are going to start as long as I am leading this small group on Wed mornings where I am actually having to prepare something... tomorrow's topic is ideas on how to point your small children in God's direction. You know, how to feed their spiritual needs and help them now to turn to God first. Did I mention that my two young boys are driving me nuts today? They are definitely not turning to God first today! And to be honest, it is kinda tough for me right now too.

If you happen to read this today, and have any suggestions or ideas for tomorrow's lesson, please, please send them to me.

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